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Monday, January 20th, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't all mobile disc jockeys alike?

NO. Disc jockey entertainment comes with different levels of service, experience, expertise and abilities. Not all DJ's are knowledgeable about all types of events. Make sure your DJ has worked the type of event you are planning. I have sixteen years experience in all types of events--weddings have been a specialty.

We've never planned a wedding before! Can you help with the agenda?

You bet.  That's where our years of experience come in. I have planned and personally customized hundreds of weddings -- from the grand entrance to the last dance. As the owner of my business, I am the person you will work with to plan your event -- that's what makes my company special and how I deliver personalized service.

Prompt return of phone calls.

Your DJ should return calls within 24 hours and be willing to meet with you to discuss his services. Determine if he is flexible enough to suit your needs. A reputable and experienced DJ wants every event to be a success. Successes create our best referrals. Prompt attention to your first through last contact is an important indication of sincerity to serve you well.

Review the DJ's printed documents.

These should include an event planner where all your requests and instructions are logged, a contract, Music Listing, and pictures of (professional-grade only) equipment. You should also see referral letters or surveys from past clients as well as other marketing materials.

Before signing a contract, it is a good idea to meet with the DJ who will perform at your event. Determine if you like the person because you want someone who will share your enthusiasm for creating a great party and with whom you feel comfortable. Your contract should cover the time and place of your event, number of hours scheduled, any overtime arrangements, and cost for additional services, travel, and setup.

What will I need to supply my DJ?

  • Your DJ will need a table and access to electricity.
  • Please include him in your meal or refreshments count.
  • Your DJ will advise you  on the preferred proximity of his operations to the placement of other settings and room configurations such as the dance floor, head tables, buffet, bar, and kitchen entry.

When should my DJ arrive?

One hour prior to start time to allow planty of set up and sound check time.

Aach! What if something happens to my DJ?

Knock on wood. In all the years I have been disc jockeying, I have never been unable to perform. However, if the unthinkable should happen, I will access one of my local associates or get a referral from the Association of Mobile Entertainers' Emergency Line as back-up.

Dealing with problems.

An experienced DJ can respond to the unexpected and keep both the pace and the flow of an event on target. High enthusiasm, creativity, and the ability to read a crowd are absolutely essential and invaluable assets of your MC/DJ.

Your rates are higher than some. How come you charge more?

I bring the highest level of professional and personal service to all my events. I take pride in being a professional who clients trust for the finest in entertainment for their dollar. I am the party planner-organizer, Master of Ceremonies, and sound and lighting technician. I read the guests and pick the right music. I follow the plan that you and I have worked out and I am able to adapt when changes are needed.

Who controls the volume?

My hands are on the controls but it is you who dictates the sound level. I purposely keep the volume lower during cocktail hour and dinner so your guests are able to converse. I would much rather have someone ask me to turn the music up than to turn it down.

Can I see you perform at an event?

You are more than welcome to come to one of my public events. However, at private events I prefer to concentrate fully on the obligation at hand, giving it my full attention, rather than trying to book a new client. (Besides, I wouldn't have future new clients attend your event either!) 

Can I make a list of songs?

Yes. You will be asked to pick about 50 of your favorites and let us know if there are any songs you do not want played. We will mix your songs with requests from your guests and with songs that we pick by reading the crowd.

What if my party runs late? Can you stay later too?

Yes. When a party is going strong, why stop it? If you know you will need extra time, save money by booking it ahead -- but in most cases you can contract to continue the party in one hour intervals.

Is the price too good to be true?

It seems that the DJ is often the last service chosen after much of the budget is expended. This often leads party planners and brides to shop for the cheapest price possible. Your event will revolve around the music and entertainment which is what your guests and you will remember. Your DJ service is an insurance policy that all of the other money you spend will result in an enjoyable occasion.

Good entertainment is not cheap and cheap entertainment often is not good. Remember: Our service isn't expensive, it's priceless! ~ 772.202.8221 // 772.567.8729
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