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Thursday, October 17th, 2019

Nine Steps to Creating A Great Event

  1. Invite Lots Of People
    More people lend more energy - the more the merrier! When budget is a consideration keep your refreshment expenses low and limit the hours to a good fit. People will remember the good time that they had, not the gourmet items that WERE NOTE served!
  2. Decide Boundaries... Invitingly!
    Design your party environment to guide the flow of your guests' movements.  If people walk into a room and there are chairs, they will sit; if not, they will stand. The characteristics of the environment help direct people's behavior.  If there is an area for people to dance on a dance floor, they will dance.  Arrange seating, eating, music, and dancing areas so that your guests are always in one of them!  If your event has a planned program, such as a wedding reception or the opening of presents at a birthday party, limit the access to the great outdoors so your participants don't wander off to Mother Nature.
  3. Set People At Ease
    It is likely at a large event that each of your guests will know about 20 percent of the other guests.  You can have specialty dances, centerpiece giveaways, and interactive games that your MC/DJ will coordinate as effective ice breakers -- which also provide moments of transition and give your guests something to talk about and look forward to.  Your MC/DJ will help your guests be strangers to each other no more!  When people get to know each other, they can party together, which add to a good time.  So how do you make sure they know at least 20 percent? Invite groups of people, or people from groupings who already know each other.  Include members of extended families, workplaces, sports teams or volunteer organizations in which you are involved, and from clubs of all kinds.
  4. Decorate
    Decorations set the mood and define the space.  Guests like to feel that they have a place to party and let go.  Don't go overboard on costs, but let the surroundings state that an event is in progress!  Dress up the event room a bit, just as you will probably dress yourself up a bit.
  5. Don't Be Afraid To Serve Alcohol
    People expect to drink alcohol when they attend a party.  It loosens them up and tears down inhibitions.  You don't need to pay for it all.  Have a cash bar for alcohol with free cokes, punch, and water.
  6. Make Sure That People Have Enough Advance Notice
    People with lives just as busy as yours will want to put your event on their calendar before it gets used up with other commitments.  Sometimes well-meaning and courteous peole will tell you they will attnd your event because they truly want to -- but in fact won't be able to juggle their schedules to do so.  you'll end up missing an important guest and your friend will regret letting you down.
  7. Kick Off The Party
    But don't start too early, some people will be fashionably late!  Most parties start with one-hour cocktail reception.  Start the music and have the bar open.  Plan to serve food at the end of the cocktail party.  Then comes the fun and dancing.
  8. Get Around!
    Make sure you have left yourself few, or better yet, NO party tasks to tend to during your event.  You are the head mingler and tone setter.  You are the one who knows 100 percent of the people.  Make sure you personally engage, however briefly, with all of them. (No guest should ever leave a gathering wondering whether the host knew he or she had been there; but sadly, this does happen.)  Important:  Think ahead to some of the special interests that your guests have.  Make a mental plan to introduce strangers to each other who share common interests. Make reference to these common interests in your introductions -- it is the best ice-breaker of all.
  9. Have Fun And...
    Set the tone, the laughter, the interest, and the pleasure.  After all, you've planned ahead, you've determined the details, you've hired great entertainment, and you're dressed just perfectly.  Nobody deserves more than you to have a really good time ...
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